Tourism (2) Peter has a Ferrari red Trabant

This Ferrari red Trabant has a happy second life at the coast in Mombasa. Peter is the proud driver/owner. He gets a lot of tourists among his customers. But the engine is not as healthy as Peter wishes it would be. Luckily, Peter found a new engine for his Trabant on the internet. He has only one problem: the Kenyan government is asking him more tax than the new engine will cost him. So Peter has to be patient.

Tourism (1) Night birds of Mombasa

They come from every where. Hoping to full fill their dreams. You will find them flying out at nighttime, visiting the steamy bars of Mombasa. Flirting with Germans, Italians, Dutch old and young men. Giving the men what they are longing for. At daytime, they send their fruits up country. To brothers going to college, sisters maybe, mothers in need. A little left over they have to spend to keep their feathers shining in saloons as this one. One day, they will fly out, with shiny feathers, to the future of their dreams.

James T. Morris (WFP): More food assistance needed in Kenya to avoid worse (Podcast)

Just visited a press conference of World Food Programm. James T.Morris executive director of the WFP is just back from a tour through the region. “I have seen many bad situations.” Morris was not able to visit Somalia because of security reasons and praised the Kenyan government and thanked them for their excellent cooperation. So far Kenyan government has distributed 60.000 tons of mais and rice, but more is needed. Kenyans are complaing about the fact that the there are stocks of food in the Western part of their country, but accoording to Morris is that not enough. The 60.000 tons of rice and mais is enough for march and april. WFP needs 189 million usdollar for the finacing of logistics and food for the coming months. Listen top part of the press conference (MP3) here. Press Conference James T. Morrison WFP Executive Director (MP3)

Beautiful(l) Girl (Podcast)

Africa is full of beautiful girls. Elsewhere in the world they would have had good jobs, equal rights and chances. Reality here is that a lot of girls are living just to survive, often with a kid, no parents and a husband or father who has left. The stories behind the beautiful faces of Africa are often very said. But they survive, somehow. Beautiful Girl (MP3)