Breaking news on Global Fund

Round 6 was passed by the Global Fund board an 30 minutes ago. I could imagine Burundians that are getting low cost ACT (Artemisin Combination Treatment) for malaria are happy. Even so the 6700 HIV infected people that are on ARV’s. They would have died if the Global Fund would have decided not to go for a Round 6. Also check this posting on the subject a few days ago:

Abortions in Kenya, embryos and a pill?

According to statistics from Kenya’s Ministry of Health 700 abortions are performed every day in the country on girls aged between 15 and 19 who might (financially) not be able to raise a child, did not use a condom and regretted or girls who were offered extra money if they would have sex without a condom by men. On top of that there are hundreds of rape cases and cases of domestic sexual violence each month. This in a country where abortion is illegal. That is why a lot of abortions are taking place in secret in health centers, hospitals (if you are lucky) and a lot of them under much worse circumstances. I once head a story of a girl that had to lie down why people were hitting and pushing her on the stomach. Another known method is bringing in a pin. Often done for a few shillings

Angelique Kidjo on stage in Kenya

… and it was great. Music unites people and can bring messages across that we journalists can’t. But can somebody tell me why the dancefloor at Angelique’s concert was divided (by a guarded fence) in a VIP area and in an area for the common people? I am sure Angelique did not want it halfway the concert she left the stage and came to the audience (picture, under the umbrella), illustrating her message that she believes that: “human beings in the basis are good.” Later on she invited the audience to come and dance with on the stage “Because it’s fun” (picture: Angelique is the one with the white short hair in the middle)

No, it's not Aids, It's Malaria

That kills more people in Africa than any other disease…. Only in Africa more than 2 million people… Just back from Burundi for reports on malaria. More than 80 percent of the Burundi people are at risk to get malaria each year. I visited health centers and was talking to many Burundians, being dependent on donor money for their free malaria treatment. Other than a lot of people in the West might think, malaria is still the killer number one in Sub Saharan Africa. It kills more people than AIDS does. Three years ago the Burundi government decided to introduce a very efective ACT treatment as First Line of defence. Death figures went down dramatically. ‘But now part of the treatment program is at risk, which means thousands of people will die in stead of live.’, says Minister of Health Dr Barnabe Mbonimpa. According to the Burundian minister of Health