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Breaking news on Global Fund

Round 6 was passed by the Global Fund board an 30 minutes ago. I could imagine Burundians that are getting low cost ACT (Artemisin Combination Treatment) for malaria are happy. Even so the 6700 HIV infected people that are on ARV’s. They would have died if the Global Fund would have decided not to go […]

Abortions in Kenya, embryos and a pill?

According to statistics from Kenya’s Ministry of Health 700 abortions are performed every day in the country on girls aged between 15 and 19 who might (financially) not be able to raise a child, did not use a condom and regretted or girls who were offered extra money if they would have sex without a […]

Angelique Kidjo on stage in Kenya

… and it was great. Music unites people and can bring messages across that we journalists can’t. But can somebody tell me why the dancefloor at Angelique’s concert was divided (by a guarded fence) in a VIP area and in an area for the common people? I am sure Angelique did not want it halfway […]

No, it's not Aids, It's Malaria

That kills more people in Africa than any other disease…. Only in Africa more than 2 million people… Just back from Burundi for reports on malaria. More than 80 percent of the Burundi people are at risk to get malaria each year. I visited health centers and was talking to many Burundians, being dependent on […]

Finally! Rain… and it has many faces

Bar owners see the surface of their terrace reduced… to 30 percent of the normal… Waiters and guards are happy… “Now we can assist clients with umbrellas and get an extra tip so we can pay our bus fare tonight…” Farmers smile…”Finally…but the cows that did not die will die because they start drinking, the […]

African Youth: Get up Stand Up

Over the years that I have been here, my respect for the young generation of Africans has been growing. Being young in a country where not everybody has the same chance and some people are more special than others has its own challenges. Africa is full with talented, well educated young people, but they don’t […]

Preparing trip to Burundi

Preparing a trip to Burundi. Going there for reports on malaria. On the 25th of April it’s Africa Malaria Day. Yearly almost three million people are still dying of this disease, most of them young children and women. Between 300 and 500 million get the disease each year. Kenyan government is considering to use DDT […]