• Recently discovered your blog, and added you to my list for Blog Day 2006. Thanks for the engaging entries. Hope more folks will discover you and other African bloggers, and get some news straight from the source.

    dj earball

  • Hallo Arjan

    There you have a clear cut point, kenyan sure need someone to tell them the truth, I did listen to Senator Obama Speech in University of Nairobi and I did like the Quote of economic comparative of difference in Economic development between kenya and Singapore which were at bar 20 each ago but but are 40 times higher than kenya today.

    If a kenyan will telling he has not Vote in three consecutive Elections and the only reason as to why he can not vote is that He does not see any leader in the current worth Voting for.


  • Interesting perspect, Arjen, thanks for sharing it.

    From my perch (in Canada) Obama is definitely a rising star. The state of politics in North America is at an all-time low. In an era where so many people are disenchanted with the performance of the president, you would expect it would be an easy matter for the Democratics to take advantage, but they are in disarray. I think Obama is the future, but perhaps note quite yet.