• Rob van de Werken

    The night boat to Mwanza….
    An experience rather than just a trip; starting with the ferry itself.
    One of my fellow passengers tries to explain to me how and when an possibly why this ship has been built or rebuilt. The number of rivets per square inch, the way of welding, the power of the engines….
    Stop please. Probably the amount of facts about ships that you have forgotten exceeds the knowledge that I will ever acquire, but you will never see the vessel through my eyes.

    The 1st class cabins, with their individual doors opening on the decks, the woodwork, the dimly lit passages take you back an century in time. I see Hercule Poirot walking the decks, solving the mystery of the murder on the Nile. Peering over the dark waters, somewhere on the surprisingly quiet upper deck with a clumsy glass of white wine from the bar (probably years past expiration date) I enjoy my private musing.

    Then… The walking knowledgebase reappears. “Do you know that the engines have been replaced by diesels?”
    Hercule Poirot disappears with a dull splash in Lake Victoria and doesn’t reappear this evening. I decide to retire to my cabin…..
    The night boat to Mwanza – a definite must for a romantic old fool.