April 27, 2007

Kenya / Mohammeds birthday and the Kenyan coffee industry (1)

Just arrived back from Meru area for stories. Before that I visited Lamu to attend the festivities around the celebration of the birthday of Mohammed. Every year more than 8.000 Muslims come to Lamu and are taking over the streets. Pictures on both stories will be available soon. Have a nice day!
April 1, 2007

Kenya / Party time at the road block

‘Drivers license!’ My taxidriver Isaac just opened his window and puts on his most innocent face. Alcoholdamp enters the car. ‘What do you think? I am just coming from Thika to bring my friend here to the airport. I just forgot it.’ The car is closed in by three police officers. I notice. One of them , an old guy, is trying to intimidate Isaac. None of the agents have badges with their employee numbers. ‘When you see them like that, you know it’s wrong’ says Isaac. I know he’s right. Police in Kenya has a bad reputation. I recently travelled to Netherlands. It was in the weekend before the World Social Forum: tens of thousands of people were expected and… they had to be transported from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to their hotels and… they are paying the taxi