• Ibrahim

    This sounds cool. Which company are you doing this for? You really use the web the way you should use it. More of this please. Like the photography too. Nice effect when you click on them! Keep up the good work. This is what journalism is about: go out and tell the story.

  • LIsa

    Cool. Worked in Garissa for a while. Working with the nomads. Never heard about this. Makes me feel like i want go back again. I really love the people there. Warm! But why are they using camels? Our Landcruisers oerfectly did the job there… Anyway… i really like the site. Added it to my favorites and i dont need the email updates: will be coming back often. You have got an intresting archive. Arjen 😉

  • Ni poa Joe. iliked the web en particularly over the web highlitin of the plight of NEP-Kenya region am in Garissa en its true that the government has neglected the region in all aspect of life en the goverment has denied involvement of a number of massacre that happend in this region its really a disturbing scenario when we see over 5000 families still living in agony en the goverment has never apologiest apart from denying sharply to compansate thise families.I belive the goverment has a responsibility in this.John Njenga(StarFM)

  • I did the first feature about the camel mobile library and it appeared in the East African standard in december 20th 1997 and i beleive i contributed enormously in bringing to the limelight this unique project.however sources state that the project funds are being misused by some library officials. the project needs support from the area elites so that the children of the pastoralist will have no fear to run away from the sounds of motor vehicles since the ship of the desert will do the necessary.bravo for the website
    Aress journalist (KBC Radio)

  • bravo, never heard about such wondeful project.good to hear about pastoralist and the camel mobile library.must be extended to the NFD regions to help other pastoralist affect much more than garissa area.