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Kenya / Robbery of the century!

It is the people against the people. I don’t see the sons of daughters of politicians fighting. It’s the poor against the poor… A poor Luo who lives on a fews shilling a day, has more in common with his poor Kikuyu neighbour who is trying to make ends meet with a few shillings. They […]

Kenya / Audio: pockets of rioting youth

Please listen to the roughly edited audio i recorded this afternoon. For pictures: see below. [MEDIA=18] Have a pleasant evening!

Kenya / Coming up: pockets of rioting youth

The morning was quiet in Nairobi. This afternoon i visited the informal settlements Mathare and Kibera. Police was around and Mathare seemed realtively quiet. Downtown Nairobi though there were pockets of rioting youth. They were dispersed by special police forces that used teargas. Less than an hour later, I witnessed singing youth who were challenging […]

Kenya / Talk of the Day: If i would be Kibaki…. If i would be Odinga

This morning, I went around with my Marantz PMD 620 and asked some Narobians what they would do…. 1. If they would be ODM-leader Raila Odinga and… 2. If they would be PNU-leader and president Mwai Kibaki It’s a rough draft, please enjoy the interesting views… [MEDIA=17]

Kenya / 17.15 pm / Pictures: Just back from opening of Parliament

Just back from the opening of Parliament. Quit hectic. Noit enough room for the press, so I had to improvise a bit to get some pictures. A warm thank you to the dilpmats from Greece and Cyprus who were very friendly indeed. One of the agenda points was the election of the speaker. The pictures […]

Kenya / Nairobi / Just recorded: Listen to Kenyans on the street

Just talked to some Kenyans in front of Parliament buildings. Please listen to this rough draft hardly edited basket of views and ideas. [MEDIA=16]

Kenya / Nairobi: Just outside Parliament now

Just outside Kenyan Parlement now. It’s still quiet, riot police are around and an old lady is removing dust from the streets in front of the Parliament buildings, thus giving them a final touch. She laughs at me, I greet her and I wonder what she thinks…

Kenya / Politicians seem to come from an other planet

Good morning! I woke up this morning realising how lucky I am. I went to bed with the story of a Kenyan who arrived in Nairobi confused. He spent his last money on the bus to flee for his life, because a group of soldiers and citizens came to his home at night. Screaming to […]

Kenya / Tourism Board: 'We are digging our graves…'

Just back from a press trip with the Kenyan Tourist Board. According to the Kenyan Tourist Board, things have never been so bad, not even after 09/11 when a lot of Tourists stayed away from Kenya. The Tourism sector is ringing the Alarm Bell: 20.000 direct jobs will have gone the end of this month […]

Kenya / Invitation to comment on Kenyan Elections: open letter to Kivuitu

I just got this letter from one of my friends. Agree or not: it shows how part of Kenyans feel about what is happening to the country. Please feel welcome to comment on this open letter to Samuel Kivuitu, the Chairman of the Kenyan Electoral Commission. Comments will be shown with a delay to avoid […]