• very difficult live but super interesting.
    I like this live.

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  • David de Jong

    Getuige deze posting ben ik blij dat je goed bent aangekomen in NAIROBI!? Groet, David

  • ben

    i listened to the author of the letter read it through one of the local radio station and i couldnt help but shed a tear. my day was clouded with grief and too much anger towards the government. today the parliament is re-opening and all media houses have been banned from airing live broadcast, what the information minister termed as bestowing power to the editors to avert cheos in the country, but it is still sad that even freedom of expression has been thrown out the window. what will happen if this persists for the next five years? i hate the skirmishes that clearely hit hard on the citizens and like Shailja Patel states, it is truly a crime to be poor in Kenya. however for any democracy to be achieved, sacrifices have to be made. if there prevails no truth and fairness in electing our presidents, then should we just sit down and watch as we continue being surpressed by the day? i dont really have a definate solution to the problem and those that i have are crude. i hope Shailji and team will bail our beloved country and see democracy come to play.

  • may I join the very many disappointed Kenyans who are at the moment crying angrily in anguish over what Mr.kivuitu has done to this great Nation of Kenya.I also wonder if Mr. Kibaki ever reads the news on Kenyan faces and if he does maybe he confuses crying with smiling.
    I want to let Mr. Kivuitu be informed that we do not see why turned out in great numbers to vote for a change when he already had prepared the winner of the election and for that matter the electoral commission should not bother us any more to vote rather just tell who our next president is and we forget about democracy in this country. As a result of what a great lawyer like Mr. Kivuitu did we have lost great friends and alot of property just for Mr. samuel to maintain his job.
    the history of this nation shall hold mr. kivuitu, mr. Kibaki,mr.Alfred Mutua and the rest for skirmeshes we have witnessed. They should not sit in the offices in Nairobi pretending not know what they did. Even if they do not know, the whole country and the entire globe have all the records you did. why should you rejoice earning so well when the tax payers are crampep in police stations not working but waiting for relief food.
    The so called the president should come out of that colony where he is hiding behind power grieved politicians to address the manace we face.
    As I express my feelings, May I remind Kenyans that we were created by God as people without any tribe. Let us not be devided by politicians to the extend of killing one another so mercilessly. We have as chistians to account for the innocent blood of our dear brethrens shedded.
    And for those government officials who are fond of terrorising people like Mr. Maina Kiai for revealing the ordeal, be reminded that a day will come when all humans shall stand before our creator and you will state in public all you did in darkness.Let you not be cheated that you will escape the judgement.
    God bless Kenya and the people of Kenya.

  • nelly

    Why should we blame for what happened to Kenya? The people of Kenya had already started the fighting and bloodshed long before the elections were conducted and results announced. It is a habit to look for a scape goat in Kivuitu and yet Kenya’s biggest problems is the supreme law(constitution), and the politicians.
    It doesn’take a professor to realise that this monster tat has gripped our country like angina was planned and irrespective of the outcome it was bound to happen…
    Let us be open and realistic, please