May 20, 2016
Ever wondered how Africa would look if we would introduce job-rotation among world-leaders? So we would have Obama deal with the security challenges, tribalism and nepotism Uhuru Kenyatta is dealing with, we would have Uhuru Kenyatta be chairman of the European Union, Angela Merkel would be president of Tanzania etc. Interesting… Would they do a good job, each of them? I wonder. And… who would do better? So-called Western leaders in Third World Countries or so called Third World Leaders in Western countries?
May 20, 2016

Wages in Kenya

Graphic of the wages/income in Kenya. Interesting and it gives some insight in what people are actually talking about when they mention  ‘growing middle class’.
May 1, 2016

Kenyatta’s dilemma

Burn it or sell it, Kenya burned 105 tonnes of ivory. Declaring a total war against poaching elephants (and rhino’s ) for their tusks. Wise to do? Yes, says (among others), Richard Leaky: it’s the only way. According to Richard Leakey. But… burning 105 tonnes of creating is creating scarcity on the market and causes prices to go up, so the demand side of the market will make more efforts to kill. Not helping the elephant population at all. Option 2: Selling ivory on the (black) market could really boost the economy (market value of the 105 tonnes ivory being destroyed is approximately 105 million US$). By bringing more ivory in the market the price will drop and you will destroy the market. This, in an nutshell, seems the dilemma of Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta. What’s the man thinking while