Welcome to the website Africareporter.NET  of  Dutch Africa journalist / correspondent Arjen Westra.

I am currently restyling the website, appologies for non-working links. Arjen Westra (1970) is a Dutch journalist/photographer of several guide books on East and Southern Africa and has more than 14 years experience as an independent traveler on the continent. Since 1997 year, he works as a journalist for several media of which more than 11 years in Africa. Arjen’s career in journalism started in 1994, when during his studies, he became a reporter for the local newspaper he used to deliver. In 2002 he moved to the African continent. His first reports were for the Dutch newspaper Het Parool en the Belgian quality newspaper De Standaard. Media soon became interested in other services. Westra: “…nowadays, I am able to deliver a wide variety of services for media that have in common that I can combine my wide experience on the continent with a unique view of years of Africa-experience.” I spend roughly eight months of the year on the road to collect stories. Languages: German, English, French, Dutch, Swahili. Services: Live Stand-up, Live On Skype/IP, Live on Radio, Video Package, Audio package, Interview, Vox Pop, Documentary Films, News Gathering, Feature Stories, Blog Writing, Public Relations Copy, Research, Investigative Journalism, Interview, Photography, Fixing

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