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Kenya / Robbery of the century!

It is the people against the people. I don’t see the sons of daughters of politicians fighting. It’s the poor against the poor… A poor Luo who lives on a fews shilling a day, has more in common with his poor Kikuyu neighbour who is trying to make ends meet with a few shillings. They […]

Kenya / Audio: pockets of rioting youth

Please listen to the roughly edited audio i recorded this afternoon. For pictures: see below. [MEDIA=18] Have a pleasant evening!

Kenya / Nairobi / Just recorded: Listen to Kenyans on the street

Just talked to some Kenyans in front of Parliament buildings. Please listen to this rough draft hardly edited basket of views and ideas. [MEDIA=16]

Kenya / Press conference Human Rights Watch

Just back from a Human Rights Watch press conference. Please listen to the short talk I had with Tom Porteous who asks European Union and the United States to adress the violation of Human Rights in Somalia in their policies. [MEDIA=14] Interview and picture Made on Mobile Phone.

Kenya / Visit Dutch princess for micro finance

In Holland, princess Máxima is an ambassador for micro finance. Recently she visited Kenya as member of a United Nations advisory group on Inclusive Financial Sectors. At a press conference in a small room of Kenya’s Ministry of Finance she was adressing Kenyan and Dutch press. Acccording to the princess, a lot of work has […]

Kenya / Now: Audio Garissa Camel Library online (3)

Because they are nomads, it was easy for them to accept the Camel Library in their life, according to Faraah Noor Farah. Head of the camel division of the Garissa Camel Library. The majority of the people in the outback around regional capital Garissa in Eastern Kenya are illiterate and/or don’t have the money to […]

Tanzania / Community Tourism: who gets which peace of the cake?

Tanzania’s economy is growing with an impressive 7 percent a year. Almost 18 percent of the GDP is being earned by tourism. The expected growth in number of tourists is much bigger than the National Parcs will be able to handle in the future. The parcs, in terms of beds are full. So: developing tourism […]

Tanzania / audiotest

Testing some audio. In the middle of changing this Blog a bit more in a multimedia Blog, so you don’t fall asleep with all my writing ;-). Soon, you will find my Mobile Phone Made introduction video on my Contact-page (see above). In order to make posts more accessable I added some tags in the […]

Uganda / To Kampala

Finally after a while of to Uganda again. Usual mode of transport: the Yellow Glory of Kenya (at least that what is used to be): the Akamba bus. Started the 13 hour trip more than one day ago in Antonio’s Bar: 24 hours open. That’s where I took the picture and recorded some atmosphere (sorry […]

Audio on this Blog (test)

Internet is multimedia. As you can see in the sidebar, i already have some audio on this site. From now on, I will make more audiopostings. Simply push the Play button below and you will be able to enjoy some audio straight from this beautiful continent. From a rainy Nairobi: enjoy your day!