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Netherlands / Time for some Kenya promotion

I think it’s time for some Kenya promotion. I will prepare a gallery for you with nice pictures from this beautiful country with its beautiful people. Keep an eye on this weblog for the coming days please. And… enjoy your evening!


Tanzania / Picture of the Day!

Posted from the Cape (RSA)… But I took it in Tanzania, some days ago. I decided to make it the picture of the Day! It’s available in high quality on special request. Comments are welcome.


Kenya / Coming up: more audio and pictures

Been a kind of offline (moving in and out almost every country between Kenya and South Africa)in the past months, collecting stories from Africans telling about their lives, their frustrations and most of all: their dreams. I met fishermen on the Cape who are not allowed to fish and had to flee into crime and […]

Zambia / Mister Seaman from Zimbabwe, you made my morning

Thank you mister Seaman from Zimbabwe, you started a small coffee stand on Lusaka International Airport. You know what a traveller needs at the beginning of the day: good coffee. But… what i don’t get: why do Zambians need a Zimbabwian on their International Airport to start a coffee shop all those years nobody noticed?

Togo / Lomé Togo-complot against the West (2)

The masses decide the direction of history. Yes it is a cliché. Thanks for observing that. At least you know your cliché’s. And also: thew image is never as bad as reality, especially if you talk about so called African countries with political tension. Examples? My first visit to Nigeria years ago, I did not […]

Namibia / The Himba Millionaires

That is the name I gave to this small community of Himba people in Namibia’s Northwest where is just passed some days ago. Probabely the only Himba-community with a white female Minister of Finance. Himba’s are to Namibia what the Maasai are to Kenya and Tanzania and Bushmen to Southern Africa. The difference in Namibia […]

Kenya / Now: Audio Garissa Camel Library online (3)

Because they are nomads, it was easy for them to accept the Camel Library in their life, according to Faraah Noor Farah. Head of the camel division of the Garissa Camel Library. The majority of the people in the outback around regional capital Garissa in Eastern Kenya are illiterate and/or don’t have the money to […]

Tanzania / 6.8198˚ S, 39.2799˚ E / For Dar Dreamers

I am in Dar es Salaam at the moment. Four million people of which 70 percent in informal settlements but huray, they can enjoy these views, for free and almost daily! This one is for Dar Dreamers!

Tanzania / Community Tourism: who gets which peace of the cake?

Tanzania’s economy is growing with an impressive 7 percent a year. Almost 18 percent of the GDP is being earned by tourism. The expected growth in number of tourists is much bigger than the National Parcs will be able to handle in the future. The parcs, in terms of beds are full. So: developing tourism […]

Tanzania / audiotest

Testing some audio. In the middle of changing this Blog a bit more in a multimedia Blog, so you don’t fall asleep with all my writing ;-). Soon, you will find my Mobile Phone Made introduction video on my Contact-page (see above). In order to make posts more accessable I added some tags in the […]

Kenya / 0.4571˚ S, 39.6386˚ E / Garissa Camel Library (1)

Just back from the outback around Garissa for reports on a Camel Library. Prepared for the worst but got the best tarmac road: six and a half hours from Nairobi. The more than hundred NGO’s working here are using proper fourwheeldrives to deliver their aid to the needy. The local Nomad Palace is happy with […]

Kenya / Chogoria Community becomes share holder in lodge

Just back from Chogoria area for reports on community tourism, the coffee- and tea industry. Coffee dioes not bring enough income, farmers don’t want to change, or are not able to change their business. Now, locals are becoming share holders in a tourist lodge and getting the profit. More pictures available soon. Enjoy!

Kenya / Mohammeds birthday and the Kenyan coffee industry (1)

Just arrived back from Meru area for stories. Before that I visited Lamu to attend the festivities around the celebration of the birthday of Mohammed. Every year more than 8.000 Muslims come to Lamu and are taking over the streets. Pictures on both stories will be available soon. Have a nice day!

Uganda / He landed there with a helicopter…

Comin’ up: more (audio-)postings. Among them: The meeting with one of the last relatives of Idi Ami, How the Kenyan Government is trying to give their people history and: Party time at the Roadblock. Thanks for coming (back) and for your warming emails. Meanwhile, please enjoy some of the pictures I took in Arua/Koboko/Entebbe/Nairobi. [mygal=Gallerij]

Packing the bags for Tanzania

Making preparations for a trip to Tanzania. Will keep you updated with pictures, audio and text the coming days. Keep visiting this place and please add the link to your website, blog and/or favorites! For those ones who go for convenience… fill in your email-adress and you will get a free update as soon as… […]

Exploring East Africa

Just back from exploring East Africa, Tanzania. For the second time in a few weeks I visited Spice Island Zanzibar. Poetry: The starting point of Livingstones Travels. But also politics: although not in the open. A lot of poverty, people are not happy because a lot of tourism money is going into the pockets of freshly elected local politicians. […]

(1) Pictures Mozambique: market in Chimoio

Back in Nairobi after a few week trip overland from Johannesburg, South Africa to Nairobi, Kenya. Observations bring the dilemma’s and always the question: why does development not  get through onto this continent and: should development get through here anyway? The dualism in the answers on the question why? It’s people’s own fault, it’s ‘the […]

Waiting, waiting, waiting…

One of the things travelling overland from Johannesburg to Nairobi is the fact that people in most countries I travelled spend a lot of time waiting: waiting for electricity, to be connected to the water network, waiting for a better future, waiting for that one customer (like the people of the small family hotel in […]