May 20, 2016
Ever wondered how Africa would look if we would introduce job-rotation among world-leaders? So we would have Obama deal with the security challenges, tribalism and nepotism Uhuru Kenyatta is dealing with, we would have Uhuru Kenyatta be chairman of the European Union, Angela Merkel would be president of Tanzania etc. Interesting… Would they do a good job, each of them? I wonder. And… who would do better? So-called Western leaders in Third World Countries or so called Third World Leaders in Western countries?
June 18, 2014

Kenya terror | Conspiracy theories and the fun of it. Choose the one of your liking!

Conspiracy number one (1) Kenya’s president blames the opposition for the recent attacks at the coast saying that the opposition wants to destabilize the country. I am sure he has read Aristotle’s Rhetoric, because he successfully diverts the subject from what has actually happened to Who is responsible, thus diverting the attention from your own role to someone else’s, at least thats what he thinks. A proven technic, just look at world history to find your examples. By the way: these technics were very successful on masses that did not, or could not check the facts and connect the dots. Does it make sense? Mmm… I wonder. Al Shabaab claimed responsibility before the Kenyan Government came with a statement, according to local newspapers, people were warned even before the attack took place. Does the opposition party really gain by an