Kampala now!

Just arrived in Kampala. For the first time I didn’t experience the 12,5 hour bustrip on the bumpy Kenyan roads. I flew in: 50 minutes from Nairobi to Entebbe. From there an less than

South Africa and Shell

Working on a reports on Shell in Durban, South Africa. Arrived a few days ago in what a Kenyan like me would call the Western World. The usual shock when arriving. The last days

Haaksbergen vs Nairobi

Good luck to the village of Haaksbergen in the Netherlands. They had a lot of power faillures last weekend due to bad weather conditions. The mayor was complaining that these things should not be

Into the forest

Yesterday, I got a request from a friend. She wanted me to assist her with some money. Quite a normal question to seemingly rich people in Kenya. My friend’s son was to go into

Rainy cold november night

Rain is drizzling in small drops. Making my face feel cold and wet, moon looks down on a cold and sleeping Holland. Seen from space, earth is very tiny planet, i imagine. Sometimes I

Finished reports on Malawi

Woke up with coffee and the news about money shortage for the relief operation of the Asian earthquake. I thought there were (and are) still millions of tsunami-euro’s and dollars that can not be