Reading newspapers

Kenyans ‘eat’ their newspapers. Nowadays a lot of newspapers dare to criticize the Kenyan government. Things are changing.

Askari in Isiolo

Almost every building, house or office in Kenya, is providing work for askari’s or soldiers./ They are guarding Kenya and I would not be surprised that a majority of working Kenyans are working as

Logging around the globe

Check out this African Blog of Scott Fontaine and of course from Ruud Elmendorp. The last one has a lot of interesting video reports from Africa.

Drought in Kenya (2)

Three rainy seasons, rain was failing. People neglected early warnings from the meteo. This man felt the consequences. He lost 75 percent of his cattle.

Drought in Northern Kenya

Just back from Northern Kenya for reports. Because of failing rains, dams have dried. Some people spend days travelling to waterpoints. On the way, I met this young herds man, looking for greener pastures.

Working on new website

This is gonna be the new banner for the website: Meanwhile preparing stories on famine in Kenya and refugees in Congo DRC.