June 24, 2006

(1) Pictures Mozambique: market in Chimoio

Back in Nairobi after a few week trip overland from Johannesburg, South Africa to Nairobi, Kenya. Observations bring the dilemma’s and always the question: why does development not  get through onto this continent and: should development get through here anyway? The dualism in the answers on the question why? It’s people’s own fault, it’s ‘the West’, it’s their leaders, it’s people’s own mentality, it’s past leaders, it’s culture, it’s development aid that made people lazy. But I realized: there are no clear answers. Observations while traveling overland go so many times against all the theories why Africa seems to fail. And an other question: is this continent truly failing. like a lot of people suggest or strongly believe? One moment I tend to believe that humanity has failed here, the next minute I realize that progress is being made. People
June 16, 2006

Waiting, waiting, waiting…

One of the things travelling overland from Johannesburg to Nairobi is the fact that people in most countries I travelled spend a lot of time waiting: waiting for electricity, to be connected to the water network, waiting for a better future, waiting for that one customer (like the people of the small family hotel in Dar es Salaam where I’m staying). It’s an art. I made this impression of the Lilongwe busstation (capital of Malawi).. Days ago while i waited for a bus up North. And it came… finally after a slight delay of only six hours. And it brought me were I went: overnight mon execllent Malwian roads. By the way: Good news for Malawians in the Lower Shire Valley in the far South of the country: the government is planning to make a canal to connect landlocked Malawi
June 5, 2006

Dutch newspapers: Stories available

Stories available now on request (in Dutch, English transloation on request):   Bushmen being trained as security gards in South Africa: report 1200 words and photographes available. Everything in Dutch. Please contact me on email: arjenwestra@gmail.com.    
June 5, 2006


Just arrived in Blantyre yesterday after a long trip hitchhiking from Mozambique..