The future of Newspapers

As journalists we are constantly dealing with the changing media environment. Just wanted to share this article about the future of newspapers: Coming up I got a posting on music piracy and what

Obama for president?

US-Senator Obama visited Kenya. The media were full about his visit. What surprised me most, was that Obama spoke out about a lot of things and that his ideas were taken just as if

Exploring East Africa

Just back from exploring East Africa, Tanzania. For the second time in a few weeks I visited Spice Island Zanzibar. Poetry: The starting point of Livingstones Travels. But also politics: although not in the open.


Newspapers, magazines, ngo’s, radio stations, companies, feature bureaus, press agencies: For assignments, brainstorming, share ideas or talking about interesting ways of working together: please send an email to info AT africareporter DOT net When I

Dutch newspapers: Stories available

Stories available now on request (in Dutch, English transloation on request):   Bushmen being trained as security gards in South Africa: report 1200 words and photographes available. Everything in Dutch. Please contact me on email:


Just arrived in Blantyre yesterday after a long trip hitchhiking from Mozambique..