March 17, 2007

Kenya / The burning of fire arms

Visited the 7th Anniversary of fire arms in Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi. Kenyan minister of Security Michuki repeated his ideas about what should happen with people who are cuaght with fire arms in their possession: they should get the death penalty. On the pictures you see the burning of 8.008 fire arms (you don’t see the more than 100.000 that are still in circulation by the way)… [mygal=archive]
March 13, 2007

Uganda / He landed there with a helicopter…

Comin’ up: more (audio-)postings. Among them: The meeting with one of the last relatives of Idi Ami, How the Kenyan Government is trying to give their people history and: Party time at the Roadblock. Thanks for coming (back) and for your warming emails. Meanwhile, please enjoy some of the pictures I took in Arua/Koboko/Entebbe/Nairobi. [mygal=Gallerij]
March 11, 2007

Uganda / From now on: also in Dutch

For Dutch readers: please visit my Afrika Blog in Dutch. I got many requests, so finally I am making a start with it. Please put make a link on your website and/or add it to you favorites. This is the adress: Any comments are welcome!
March 3, 2007

Uganda / To Kampala

Finally after a while of to Uganda again. Usual mode of transport: the Yellow Glory of Kenya (at least that what is used to be): the Akamba bus. Started the 13 hour trip more than one day ago in Antonio’s Bar: 24 hours open. That’s where I took the picture and recorded some atmosphere (sorry partly in Dutch). Main goal: Arua, the hometown of Idi Amin. The sound impression starts in the restaurant with the ongoing announcement well…. it must be something like… ehhh  a lot of destinations. Kampala is one of them… and I’m about to leave. [audio:] See you on the road!