June 20, 2007

Tanzania / Mobile internet has the future!

Yes. A lot of people would be surprised to hear that nowadays in a lot of African countries we have mobile internet. I posted this text live from the streets of Dar es Salaam. Mobile internet brings Africa to the world! At the same moment it seems that I am walking through a world that has two speeds. On my left hand side, here and now, there is a hospital where tonight a lot of people will have died of diseases, like malaria, that could have been treated cheaply. But because of the fact that they could not afford the medicine or say health insurance, they will die. Others cant make a choice because they cant afford to use a condom. Death is always around the corner on this continent. And still: i see people surviving, the streets in Dar
June 20, 2007

Kenya / Elections comin' up: does Mungiki bring The Dream? (2)

Does Mungiki bring the dream for Africa? What is the point of a so called sect, or ‘political’ movement that believes in killing people by beheading their victims? Sorry to say, but if do you don’t make a point when you get the World’s attention, then there can only be one motivation: you want to bring chaos for the order of chaos, feeding any so-called opposition in Kenya with illustration material why things are not right in this country, bringing a general feeling of insecurity… What’s your programm, Mungiki? It just confirms the feeling that everything is politics in this country, politics to destroy.
June 19, 2007

Kenya / Elections comin' up : Have a dream for your people (1)

Sometimes i get really sick of Kenyan politics. All these movements of old guys with big bellies, who have been around for almost 20 years and are now blaming the current government for tribalism, not being able to fight crime, in-security or whatever. Where were you when the once riving economy nose-dived into the Rift Valley? This country is full of selfish bastards, who play their own population in a way that shows total disrespect. None of the so called new movements (and old political parties) have something like a program. A written document that says: this is what the country needs, and this is how we are going to solve it. They like to play Kenyan politics ‘old style’, where favouring an ethnic group, and your alpha-male aspirations for ‘real leadership’ is more important than being there to serve
June 18, 2007

Kenya / Now: Audio Garissa Camel Library online (3)

Because they are nomads, it was easy for them to accept the Camel Library in their life, according to Faraah Noor Farah. Head of the camel division of the Garissa Camel Library. The majority of the people in the outback around regional capital Garissa in Eastern Kenya are illiterate and/or don’t have the money to afford books. Four times a week Garissa regional library visits schools in the region, with camels loaded with books. Today, we visit a school on 2.5 hours walk (we took 200 books). Please enjoy the short report and also check out the pictures I took on the trip by clicking here [MEDIA=12] Enjoy!
June 9, 2007

Tanzania / Community Tourism: who gets which peace of the cake?

Tanzania’s economy is growing with an impressive 7 percent a year. Almost 18 percent of the GDP is being earned by tourism. The expected growth in number of tourists is much bigger than the National Parcs will be able to handle in the future. The parcs, in terms of beds are full. So: developing tourism on other spots than the Serengeti and Lake Manyara, is becoming more important and the question how much money from the economic growth is reaching the people (like Maasai) is becoming more important. In order to start monitoring what is happening with the money, the Tourist Confederation of Tanzania came up with an initiative during a seminar organized by Karibu, one of the most important Tourism and Travel Fairs in East Africa. I had a short talk with Andrew Williams, coordinator of the Tanzania Natural
June 8, 2007

Tanzania / audiotest

Testing some audio. In the middle of changing this Blog a bit more in a multimedia Blog, so you don’t fall asleep with all my writing ;-). Soon, you will find my Mobile Phone Made introduction video on my Contact-page (see above). In order to make posts more accessable I added some tags in the sidebar. Try and enjoy. Remember: it’s still under (re-) construction. Like seeing you coming back. At the moment I am in Arusha, Tanzania, working on a feature about ‘responsible’ tourism, human-wildlife conflict among others. Enjoy your day! [MYPLAYLIST=1]