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    Fixing per day

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    No-Budget package for NGO’s

    At Africareporter, we understand that most NGO's don't have a budget for a nice photo- and/or video production. At the same time we could like to sit first rank for a penny or less. Now here's the good news for those in need: I can can offer you this package for free! How is that possible? would you ask... Nobody could work for free. Here's the catch: I keep all the rights and freedom to use pictures for my own production (and you for yours). Only thing the NGO pays is my costs: traveling, accommodation, food, communication, internet etc. In Holland we would say: the knife cuts on both sides. Obviously this package can only be given away by me after a small assessment e.g.: a  face to face and/or Skype-/Facetime-meeting  in which we agree on the term and conditions. Please contact me to see if you make a chance for this free package/
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    One Lodge/Hotel profile – Video

    Make your lodge stand out and show your accommodation to customers word wide. Send them a video on request or use you lodge-video on your own website. Price includes posting to Youtube and delivering formats. If you choose this option you will have a basic video, footage available in Full HD and production posted and tagged by us on Youtube and Facebook, though growing your web presence.   *Costs don't include traveling, accomodation, extra post-production, costs being made for stock music, hiring of actors etc.  Please send me an email for a custom-made quote.