Africa is beautifull

Sometimes I get reactions. Why are you so negative about Africa if you say you love this continent? Ok, if you just take the observations in this (very young) Blog, you would agree: this

Shock in Jo'burg

Always the shock of landing in a ‘Western’ country. Last night I arrived in bright lights-smoothly-paved-Johannesburg with the late KQ-flight. Advertising everywhere, extreme good coffee and a smile when they quickly serve it within

A few hours…

… to take off for Jo’burg. I always feel like a little child when I am travelling. The multiple entry visa for Mozambique is in my passport. Nairobi-news today is about the striking civil

Proud to be Dutch?

Normally I buy my vegetables with the stalls along the road, but the stalls disappeared, so I went to the supermarket today. The guy who priced my vegetables asked me in swahili ‘Where are

Matatu system for transport works well

The Kenyans celebrate Madaraka day, ‘Self-Governance Day’, today. This means: no traffic jams and parking wherever you want. This morning I took an early matatu (‘mini bus’) to town. I hardly had to wait

On the way to Southern Africa

Last preparations for my trip to Southern Africa (Mozambique). Had contact with friends in Maputo and one of the people who are involved in the Limpopo Trans Frontier Parc. A village of 20.000 people

Businessman shot at roadblock

The sun is back in Nairobi today. Papers, strong black morning coffee and the newspapers. Clashes yesterday in Uhuru Kenyatta’s home town Gatundu. A businessman was shot at a roadblock. The man was innocent,

Mama matunda disappeared

After Swahili lessons this morning would meet a friend at Mama Matunda (‘Mama Fruit’). I go there for a bowl of fresh mango, pineapple, melon and avocado almost each day. Healthy and cheap lunch.