Rain in Nairobi

This morning the rain was pouring down on Nairobi’s streets. Rain completely disturbs society here. Bad roads, bad drainage are the main reasons of the streets changing into rivers. Matatus get stuck in the

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Nairobi morning

Got up around 6.21 am this morning, as usual. Having strong black coffee and reading the Kenyan newspapers. They are writing about the Media Conference in Nairobi. African people blame the media for giving

Stalls destroyed.

Stalls where destroyed in the night. According to Nairobi City Council because thieves where hiding in the stalls. ‘They came at two last night’, a lady told me. ‘Soldiers of the special forces where

Travelling from Kampala to Nairobi

Travelling from Kampala to Nairobi with the late afternoonbus. A stop at the border and Ugandan streetkids, apparently full of glue or other drugs, where coming to me. Voices from the dark asking for