June 19, 2014

Kenya | Vacancies at State House: Mood Readers wanted (m/f)

An imaginary morning at the President of Kenya’s Office: President gets up, first thing he gets is his security briefing, especially movements that are ICC-related and CORD related, then the press clippings. He goes true with it, gets some emotions with the news, then his personal assistant comes up with today’s agenda. While walking to his vehicle with a tea-to-go in his hands, he gets briefed in more detail about the first meeting today. In the car next to him, his speech-writer talks to him about the print-out mister President has  just been handed over: the speech he going to deliver  at the next function. Eh, wait… stop… Are we missing something here? As in: missing something that we might need, not as in missing something that was there but we didn’t see? Yes! I would say. We are missing
May 21, 2014

The invisible consequences of terror

Since the Westgate attacks, Kenya has been hit by 14 terror attacks, leaving tens of Kenyan people dead and even more Kenyans wounded. Most of them are common men, women and children whose main day to day concern is how to feed their families and their loved ones. For the rest of the world, live continues after the 8 o’ clock news. For the victims, life will not easily be the same as before an attack. Admit: for most people, terror attacks is something you hear about on the television news. For a few seconds, maybe minutes or days, you are in a shock. We live I a society where most people are familiar with televised violence. I wonder if most people would actually notice the difference between the real world, created in the News and the entertainment world, let’s
August 21, 2012

Meles Zenawi died

Meles Zenawi, the prime minister of Ethiopia passed away: One of Africa’s ancient giants falls. Africa is refreshed in various ways. As it goes with old city parks where people don’t like to come anymore: some are replaced, others are renovated. And if the refreshed park is there, it’s up to the people of the new parks to bring character: by allowing to go piss, enjoying the delicious air of seasonal flowers, blooming irises.
January 29, 2008

Kenya / Robbery of the century!

It is the people against the people. I don’t see the sons of daughters of politicians fighting. It’s the poor against the poor… A poor Luo who lives on a fews shilling a day, has more in common with his poor Kikuyu neighbour who is trying to make ends meet with a few shillings. They have both nothing in common with their filthy rich leaders, Luo or Kikuyu, owning companies, appartments, shares. Everyhwhere in the wordl: in Europe (Swizerland), America (New York), Australia, South Africa (Johannesburg). They stole a lot already, although Kenyans did not threaten them in anything. How could they? They were busy: trying to sell some tomatoes, making a few cents profit so they could buy some ugali for their kids or sending half of their monthly salary of 25 euro to the shop where they sell
January 14, 2008

Kenya / Tourism Board: 'We are digging our graves…'

Just back from a press trip with the Kenyan Tourist Board. According to the Kenyan Tourist Board, things have never been so bad, not even after 09/11 when a lot of Tourists stayed away from Kenya. The Tourism sector is ringing the Alarm Bell: 20.000 direct jobs will have gone the end of this month if Kibaki and Odinga don’t come to their senses. According to the Tourist Board within 3 months 120.000 jobs are at stake, 12,8% of Kenya’s GDP comes from tourism. What they want to say: tourists please come back, you are perfectly safe on the Kenyan Coast. Shortly available: audio.
October 15, 2007

Togo / Lomé now: so far elections went well

Arrived in Togo-capital Lomé after a 24-hour trip from Capetown, South Africa. I still owe you some stories from Namibia and South Africa and Ghana among them one about some Himba milionares in the Namibian desert, and the Ghana art of living. For now: still enjoying the heat and the end of the rainy season in the Togo-capital Lomé where elections were held yesterday. First impression two days ago: it feels like Sunday morning here all day. And the heat, always the hea. And the happines that seems to come with poverty. Togolese suffer, but they know where they are coming from: they once had a thriving market that was mainly built on the economic crisis of the countries around: in Burkina Faso, in Ivory Coast and in Ghana. Now that those countries are doing well (I came through Accra,
June 20, 2007

Kenya / Elections comin' up: does Mungiki bring The Dream? (2)

Does Mungiki bring the dream for Africa? What is the point of a so called sect, or ‘political’ movement that believes in killing people by beheading their victims? Sorry to say, but if do you don’t make a point when you get the World’s attention, then there can only be one motivation: you want to bring chaos for the order of chaos, feeding any so-called opposition in Kenya with illustration material why things are not right in this country, bringing a general feeling of insecurity… What’s your programm, Mungiki? It just confirms the feeling that everything is politics in this country, politics to destroy.
June 19, 2007

Kenya / Elections comin' up : Have a dream for your people (1)

Sometimes i get really sick of Kenyan politics. All these movements of old guys with big bellies, who have been around for almost 20 years and are now blaming the current government for tribalism, not being able to fight crime, in-security or whatever. Where were you when the once riving economy nose-dived into the Rift Valley? This country is full of selfish bastards, who play their own population in a way that shows total disrespect. None of the so called new movements (and old political parties) have something like a program. A written document that says: this is what the country needs, and this is how we are going to solve it. They like to play Kenyan politics ‘old style’, where favouring an ethnic group, and your alpha-male aspirations for ‘real leadership’ is more important than being there to serve
May 20, 2007

Kenya / 0.4571˚ S, 39.6386˚ E / Garissa Camel Library (1)

Just back from the outback around Garissa for reports on a Camel Library. Prepared for the worst but got the best tarmac road: six and a half hours from Nairobi. The more than hundred NGO’s working here are using proper fourwheeldrives to deliver their aid to the needy. The local Nomad Palace is happy with the clientele. Development workers around means workshops! The Kenyan National Library Service delivers books to the needy, with camels. Why? Because camels are better accepted than other ways of delivery according one of the spokesmen of the libray. Interesting he? Audio and pictures will be posted soon. Have a cultural and literate day!