October 15, 2007

Togo / Lomé now: so far elections went well

Arrived in Togo-capital Lomé after a 24-hour trip from Capetown, South Africa. I still owe you some stories from Namibia and South Africa and Ghana among them one about some Himba milionares in the Namibian desert, and the Ghana art of living. For now: still enjoying the heat and the end of the rainy season in the Togo-capital Lomé where elections were held yesterday. First impression two days ago: it feels like Sunday morning here all day. And the heat, always the hea. And the happines that seems to come with poverty. Togolese suffer, but they know where they are coming from: they once had a thriving market that was mainly built on the economic crisis of the countries around: in Burkina Faso, in Ivory Coast and in Ghana. Now that those countries are doing well (I came through Accra,
September 7, 2007

Dutch writer Bas Vlugt writes Novel about Africa: Transit

For those who missed it: journalist/writer friend Bas Vlugt presented his new novel last thursday in the Dutch city of Haarlem. The story is situated in West Africa of the now. It’s about tradition, modernity and the clash between those two. It’s a story about friendship, love and betrayal and it’s about longing: where do you want to be in this world? I am reading it now and I am looking for someone who want to read it after me, as every book has a unique track and trace number. The idea is that this travel book makes her own journey over the world. People can trace where their book is on this site (click here). If you are in Nairobi shortly or you will be in Lusaka/Copperbelt within a week: please contact me. For those who are ready to
August 13, 2007

Kenya / Press conference Human Rights Watch

Just back from a Human Rights Watch press conference. Please listen to the short talk I had with Tom Porteous who asks European Union and the United States to adress the violation of Human Rights in Somalia in their policies. [MEDIA=14] Interview and picture Made on Mobile Phone.
June 18, 2007

Kenya / Now: Audio Garissa Camel Library online (3)

Because they are nomads, it was easy for them to accept the Camel Library in their life, according to Faraah Noor Farah. Head of the camel division of the Garissa Camel Library. The majority of the people in the outback around regional capital Garissa in Eastern Kenya are illiterate and/or don’t have the money to afford books. Four times a week Garissa regional library visits schools in the region, with camels loaded with books. Today, we visit a school on 2.5 hours walk (we took 200 books). Please enjoy the short report and also check out the pictures I took on the trip by clicking here [MEDIA=12] Enjoy!
April 1, 2007

Kenya / Party time at the road block

‘Drivers license!’ My taxidriver Isaac just opened his window and puts on his most innocent face. Alcoholdamp enters the car. ‘What do you think? I am just coming from Thika to bring my friend here to the airport. I just forgot it.’ The car is closed in by three police officers. I notice. One of them , an old guy, is trying to intimidate Isaac. None of the agents have badges with their employee numbers. ‘When you see them like that, you know it’s wrong’ says Isaac. I know he’s right. Police in Kenya has a bad reputation. I recently travelled to Netherlands. It was in the weekend before the World Social Forum: tens of thousands of people were expected and… they had to be transported from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to their hotels and… they are paying the taxi
March 3, 2007

Uganda / To Kampala

Finally after a while of to Uganda again. Usual mode of transport: the Yellow Glory of Kenya (at least that what is used to be): the Akamba bus. Started the 13 hour trip more than one day ago in Antonio’s Bar: 24 hours open. That’s where I took the picture and recorded some atmosphere (sorry partly in Dutch). Main goal: Arua, the hometown of Idi Amin. The sound impression starts in the restaurant with the ongoing announcement well…. it must be something like… ehhh  a lot of destinations. Kampala is one of them… and I’m about to leave. [audio:https://www.blog.africareporter.net/audio/Kampala.mp3] See you on the road!
January 2, 2007

Packing the bags for Tanzania

Making preparations for a trip to Tanzania. Will keep you updated with pictures, audio and text the coming days. Keep visiting this place and please add the link to your website, blog and/or favorites! For those ones who go for convenience… fill in your email-adress and you will get a free update as soon as… well… I have updated the blog… Happy New Year by the way! Keep travelling! and Thanks for mailing me with comments last year…  
October 3, 2006

The future of Newspapers

As journalists we are constantly dealing with the changing media environment. Just wanted to share this article about the future of newspapers:   http://www.csmonitor.com/2006/1004/p09s01-cojh.html?s=hns Coming up I got a posting on music piracy and what it brings to developing countries. Have a wonderful day and enjoy my mobile morning view! (And please don’t blame me if you fall asleep).