August 13, 2007

Kenya / Press conference Human Rights Watch

Just back from a Human Rights Watch press conference. Please listen to the short talk I had with Tom Porteous who asks European Union and the United States to adress the violation of Human Rights in Somalia in their policies. [MEDIA=14] Interview and picture Made on Mobile Phone.
June 20, 2007

Tanzania / Mobile internet has the future!

Yes. A lot of people would be surprised to hear that nowadays in a lot of African countries we have mobile internet. I posted this text live from the streets of Dar es Salaam. Mobile internet brings Africa to the world! At the same moment it seems that I am walking through a world that has two speeds. On my left hand side, here and now, there is a hospital where tonight a lot of people will have died of diseases, like malaria, that could have been treated cheaply. But because of the fact that they could not afford the medicine or say health insurance, they will die. Others cant make a choice because they cant afford to use a condom. Death is always around the corner on this continent. And still: i see people surviving, the streets in Dar