Traffic jam…

Early morning walking in a traffic jam of pedestrians. Since the prices of matatus doubled about one and a half year ago, more people had to walk to their work. We call it ‘The

Work-shopping in Kenya

The usual early morning coffee at the beginning of a promising day in Nairobi Westlands.Leaving the coffee venue, a big hotel in Westlands, we were passing a few rooms. Inside the overhead projectors were

I love camels

We all have dreams. Meeting a lot of people travelling the continent. This guy I met a few months ago in Laikipia, Kenya. He is a Turkana and his life is about… camels. He

Massacre in Turbi

This is a fragment. I did some reporting on a massacre in the North of Kenya, recently. Listen to this fragment (by clicking here) of a teacher who tried to save four boys that

Imagine, you are a girl in Kenya

Imagine: you are a girl; you work in a bar. The bar closes at around three at night. You live on a five minute walk from your home. You leave the place after work


Hello! That is me! Full of dust, reporting in a rough area in Northern Kenya.


Months ago I travelled to Netherlands. In the plane, just after taking of from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, I looked around me. I could not believe my eyes! Was this… just behind me…? I

Hotel Rwanda

Watched the movie Hotel Rwanda about the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. It made me think of the interviews I did more than a year ago for a story about the New Rwanda, 10


Sorry everybody that visited this Blog. From now on, I will be online more frequently. At the moment busy planning trips to Northern Uganda and/or Southern Sudan. Today working on a radio report on