Press Conference Human Rights Watch

Today I spent some time on a press conference. Human Rights Watchwatch was presenting a report on Northern Uganda. Sorry: embargo on the news until midday tomorrow East African Time. The forgotten in Northern

Interesting times for the Kenyans

Walking through the streets of Nairobi these days, you can be surprised by small groups of people sitting together, listening to somebody. If you get near, you will sometimes find that there is a

Good news for coffee lovers

… Kenyan coffee is considered to be tamong the best coffes in the world. The strange thing is that most Kenyans don’t drink it and they even don’t make the money with their coffee


On the 19th of August 2005, 21 years old June Wangu was shot dead in Jericho estate, her only known safety heaven (home). A group of armed gangsters approached June at about 7 pm