October 26, 2005

Finished reports on Malawi

Woke up with coffee and the news about money shortage for the relief operation of the Asian earthquake. I thought there were (and are) still millions of tsunami-euro’s and dollars that can not be spent, because they do not know how to spend them? Just back from Malawi: they got a shortage of relief money overthere as well to save the lives of 5 million people that are facing hunger within a few moments if nothing is being done. ‘Only’ tens of millions of dollars are needed….
October 15, 2005

Malawians face food disaster

In Malawi at the moment for reports on food, or more the lack of food if nothing can be done. Visited the Southern part of the country. It is dry the land is prepared but has no seeds.
October 12, 2005

Tanzania elections

Just back after a trip around Lakje Victoria. Not too much online, because internet is not available in most places i visited. Visisted Bukoba in Tanzania and expected ‘hotspot’, like Zanzibar, for the upcoming elections on the 30th of october. Security measures are taken at the moment and the talk of the day in the kahawa’s, small open air spaces where men talk about politics and the latest news while enjoying a small cup of strong coffee (kahawa in local spoken Swahili-language) is what is gonna happen in the unlikely case of a CCM victory (ruling party in Tanzania). According to the CUF (opposition party) CCM cannot win because CUF has an expected 75 percent of the votes. The ruling party denies and predicts a tsunami-victory in Bukoba. Preparing different reports at the moment.