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(7) No more war! Look how beautiful!

‘This country was so terrible’, a guy, 30, said to me. ‘In the 90’ies, 1990 people where hiding on the beach while the shooting was going on in town. People who were moving with

(4) Chinese gelly and growth on Lenin Avenue

It’s easy to catch the atmosphere of positive growth, reconstruction in Maputo. Walking through the lush streets, you find people talking, chatting with each other. It seems that everybody is sick of the war,

(2) Begging white man

On my seven hour bus ride back, through the beautifull landscape of green hills, that seem to change colour with the hour, I realised that in my mother country Netherlands we can’t enjoy the

(1) Diamonds, hunting and shooting

It has been a while that I was able do some postings, but here we are. After my first days in Johannesburg, I spent two days in Kimberley, a kind of a sleeping city