May 23, 2006


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May 19, 2006

Maputo… finally

From Johannesburg to Maputo overland… On the way, I had some interesting conversations about Aids, crime, the difference between hunting and shooting and how Aids effects crime rates in South Africa. I will make some postings about that the coming days. And in between I enjoyed one of the joys of travelling: meeting the unexpected in all kinds. Like this beautifull view yesterday arriving in the African city with that mediteranian atmosphere.
May 15, 2006

Johannesburg now!

Arrived in Johannesburg two days ago. On my East now, before i will travel to Mozambique. Everything is fast here: traffic, service, talking of the people. I will keep you posted. Have a wonderfull day!
May 3, 2006

Press freedom Day: Send Rwanda's President Paul Kagame a letter

Press freedom day today. Amnesty International asks some attention for Rwandese colleagues. Some of them are still in prison under terrible circumstances. Others fled the country. If you want, you can have a voice by printing and signing this letter (download link) and send it to: Pr�sident Paul Kagame, Pr�sidence de la R�publique, BP15, Kigali, Rwanda.