Contrasts within 10 meters

Posted my travelstories. Working on other stories now. Independence of the Mozambiquan television. Doing research on that. Besides: enjoying the good life in Maputo. Contrasts like all the cities I´ve been in Africa. It

Other things…

‘You know, Arjen, my friend’, says Costa, international known local painter over a Laurentina (a local beer). The full moon being reflected in the ocean. Hardly any clouds. Dance beats being pumped in our

Terra de Boa Gente

Doing research on tourism. The price of wood to construct a house doubled in two year since a lot of building activity is going on. Same happened with the price of rice, staple food

Tourism dillema's

Still in the main tourist area. The coast is unspoiled, sand dunes, long beaches as far as the eye reaches. Somebody told me that during civil war all the plots I could see were

Enjoying the digital gap

I am not allowed to complain. I have the money to browse the web, although it takes hours to send some emails if you are outside the capital Maputo. Most Mozambiquans cannot even afford

Asia and Africa

Still in Maoputo. Had an interesting conversation with somebody who has been working in developmenet aid for years. She noticed the difference between Asia (Vietnam) and Africa. She said: ‘If we made a proposal

Wedding in Maputo

This morning, I spent some time exploring this beautifull city. I would describe Maputo’s atmosphere as a mixture of Mediterean and European. Fading colours are being restored. You feel that people want to restore

Big hand for the Ministry of Information

Ok, something positive. In some African countries it takes a 2-daytour through all the ministries to arrange a accreditation, in Mozambique it is quite easy: only one Ministry (of Information) and a very friendly